About Us

About Us


Scarlet Rising is a Christian Rock group, born out of the promise God made to two people many years ago.  The Journey of Becoming album is made up of the songs that were put on our hearts to write, record and perform.

What's in the Name?


What does Scarlet Rising stand for?  When I was trying to find the name for our group, the Lord took me to Ezekiel 37 (the valley of dry bones).   The Lord used this story as a symbol  to show me that He was bringing our dry bones to life through the blood of Jesus Christ, rising up his army and sending us out.  

"Scarlet" represents the blood of Jesus Christ and "Rising" is the call of the Lord, the fullfillment of the promise and sending us out to share the songs that he put on our hearts to write, record and perform....thus, Scarlet Rising was born.  So..... Let there be a SCARLET RISING!!!

Our Mission


Though our music was classified in the "Christian Rock" genre, our mission is to take our music to the world.  We want to touch the hearts of not only Christians, but people from every religion, every group they identify with and every nation.  We want to show the world that our love does not come with strings or judgment.  Our heart is to put our music out there and hope that it will make a difference in your life.

Life is hard so we all need to stand back-to-back, united, lifting each other up and carrying each other's burdens when they are too much for us to carry.

We truly love you and hope that you enjoy our music,

Scarlet Rising

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